Medical Records

Associated Valley Obstetrics and Gynecology has Closed

After May 24, 2021, Morgan Records Management, 159 Frontage Rd, Manchester, NH 03103, will be the official custodians of our records.

You may request a copy of your records, for a nominal fee paid to Morgan Records Management by the patient, by visiting MorganRM.Com

Go to the Medical Records Tab, then Request my Records.  You may also contact the Medical Records Department by emailing

Phone: 800-604-3994 option 3

Fax:  603-606-1126

DoctorRelocated to:
Dr. Lori ChannellSwedish OBGYN Specialists – Renton
Dr. Hayley Hunt916 N 10th Place, Building 306
Dr. Christina TolleyRenton, WA 98057
Phone: 425-391-5770
Fax: 425-507-2625
Dr. Kelly MartinIs currently working as a Laborist for UW Medicine-Valley Medical Center
Dr. Theresa HamerIs currently working as a Hospitalist for UW Medicine-Valley Medical Center
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