We’re Moving June 1st!

Dear Associated Valley OBGYN patients,

We are both proud and honored to have served as your healthcare team over the years. As such, we are thrilled to announce our practice will join the Swedish Medical Group effective June 1, 2021. Between March 1st and May 31st, we will continue to deliver at Valley Medical Center.

Drs. Channell, Hunt, and Tolley will operate as Swedish OBGYN Specialists-Renton and relocate to The Landing in Renton. Dr. Martin will transition to a hospital-based practice only and remain at Valley Medical Center. We would love to continue to care for all Dr. Martin’s patients that have been seen at Associated Valley OBGYN.

The practice will offer state-of-the-art obstetric and gynecological care. All labor and delivery, inpatient, and surgical services will be performed at Swedish Issaquah. We encourage you to visit the following links to learn more about the high quality services you can expect as part of this merger.

In the meantime, our current Associated Valley OBGYN team will work closely with you during this transition and are happy to answer any questions you may have. We will continue providing care and service at our current Talbot Road location.

Here’s the contact information for the new practice:

Swedish OBGYN Specialists – Renton
916 N. 10 Place, Building 306, Space B, Renton, WA 98057
Phone: 425-656-2496

Swedish Issaquah
751 NE. Blakely Drive, Issaquah, WA 98029
Phone: 425-313-4000

Although we hope all our patients will make this transition with us, we understand some of you may choose to transition care to a different provider. All patient records will be retained and will be available upon request. Should you choose to continue care with another clinic or provider, you will need to complete an Authorization for Disclosure of Health Information form to release your records to your new provider. This downloadable form and additional information about how to obtain your medical records can be found online at www.avogmd.com. If you’d prefer phone assistance, please call our clinic directly at 425-656-2496.

Thank you for trusting us with your care,
Associated Valley OBGYN

Associated Valley OBGYN Renton

COVID-19 Alert

If you are NOT symptomatic (fever, cough and shortness of breath), you do NOT need to be tested. At this time, we will continue to see obstetrical and non-routine gynecology patients.  Please schedule and keep your appointment as you normally would.  PLEASE do not bring visitors to your appointment, unless it is an interpreter. If you require transportation, please ask that person to remain in their car to minimize the potential exposure.

·         If you ARE symptomatic (fever, cough and shortness of breath) and symptoms ARE manageable, please leave a message on our nurse message line and a nurse will call you back with further instructions.

·         If you ARE symptomatic (fever, cough and shortness of breath) and symptoms are NOT manageable at home, please call your primary care provider or seek care at the closest Emergency Department where they are equipped to deal with testing.

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